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Facilities - Bjorli Camping


Sanitary facilities:

Our sanitary facilities are in the middle of the area, centrally located. The building is divided into two sections with ladies toilet and shower on one side and men's toilet and shower on the other side. To make use of the showers with us, guests must use the Norwegian 5 .

For those staying with us for several days, it may be okay to get washed some clothes. We have a little laundromat in the sanitary building. Here are the washing machines and dryers. Washing of clothes is at your own responsibility, when the laundry is unattended.

Grocery store with post office:

In Bunnpris you'll find everything you need. If you forget something, do nothing, the road is short over to the store. Opening hours are spacious Sunday to Wednesday 10 - 18, Thursday - Friday 10-21 and Saturday 12 - 18 Should you need to send postcards or otherwise, can be found here post office.

Gas station:

Center has its own YX Gas Station, covering most needs for those who are looking to drive holiday. There are also opportunities for washing the car here.


Summer is barbecue season, also for those who come to Bjorligard Camping. They can sniff out! Here are barbecued heart out! However, there is no getting away from that kind of cooking leads to an increased fire hazard. With many tents and caravans together, the fire quickly spread if you had not taken any precautions.

It is possible to use the large grill in the campsite area. If you purchased vor desk.

Dogs visiting:

Here are also the ones on four legs warm welcome. But it is essential that the family dog ​​thrive with all our big and small guests and not a nuisance to others. The dog must remain on a leash inside the campsite, and the individual dog owner must make sure to clean up after their dog and cat. Remember that not all our guests are just as happy in animals that maybe what you are doing.

If required, it can be borrowed vacuum cleaner to remove dog hair on departure. Contact reception.

We remind you that it can get very hot inside the cabins, tents and caravans on a sunny day, so it may be wise to have thought through how a day for the family dog ​​can turn out about the need to be alone for a long time.


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